EVP February 2021

  • For this month's recording, I returned to using the Olympus VN2100. I wanted to see if I could replicate the excellent communication that I received during my last solo sitting. Not only did I achieve similar results, the messages I captured are on average longer and more relevant to my questions.

    It certainly has been very motivational, to receive such clear EVP. Whilst I am extremely appreciative of all that has been achieved, with my communicators assistance, I will resolutely push forward to develop consistent communication, that is stable and reliable.

    EVP 1: The reply to my question was undenighably direct and pertinent but it's still purplexing. Is the speaker really situated in a bigger house, or is this a metaphorical answer?

    EVP: bigger house

    EVP 2: Alec is a long time communicator to the circle and has appeared in transfiguration, and spoken through EVP. I would be absolutely delighted if he decides to visit my home. It amuses me that those on the other side, are as critical of the process as I am. This recording catches two gentleman, in discussion.

    EVP: you'll get visit Alec - you can't be - let the girl take it

    EVP 3: There have been times when my obsession with EVP research has left me isolated and low. However, when I make an unexpected leap forward, the rewards vastly overshadow my effort. I can honestly say, capturing clear EVP makes me incredibly happy, the last few months has been a breath of fresh air after last year's doldrums. Over the years, I have captured many speakers who have expressed that the life I lead is not "living" because of my focus. It's true that I think about death every day, but to me it's not a morbid subject, merely a transition to another state of being and not at all depressing.

    EVP: we making you happy - it's not a life - leave her then

    EVP 4: The response may only be one word, but it's simplicity assures me that the replies I receive are both sentient and responsive. The only development required, is that I need to hear them at the time of recording.

    EVP: hello

    EVP 5: This is the least clear clip but I chose to feature it because of the content. Asking advice is normal but being overly dependant on the directions of communicators, can lead to stagnation and frustration in development. I've long realised that it's as important to go with a hunch, as to follow directions. I'm not sure who the second gentleman is, but I'm guessing he knows me from Hampton Court Palace. It's only those who made first contact at the palace, who refer to me still as Tudor.

    EVP: you could be reliant - how d'you get back Tudor

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