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    January 2019

    It isn't very often that we have the confidence to declare a breakthrough but this session was as close as we have come to receiving two way communication through EVP. Whilst not all of the words spoken could be understood, a steady stream of quiet vocal wave sounds were visible on the computer. The method still requires refinement and testing before it is used consistently to bridge a connection but now we have hope.

    We will not illustrate the many abusive and threatening comments that can clearly be heard on both the live stream and the dictaphone recording of the session. As other successful ITC experimenters have found, the closer you become to establishing clear communication, the greater in number the threats become. To continue working effectively it is necessary to be focused and determined and not let yourself be intimidated by verbal bullying.

    EVP 1: After hearing the first responsive phrase, two gentleman are recorded on the live stream echoing Rachel's acknowledgment. Their voices are very brief at the beginning of the clip.

    EVP 1: we've proved it - have you

    EVP 2: Briefly heard before Rachel's interpretation of the voice, the phrase is repeated by the communicator. Live voices at the moment are not as clear as traditionally captured EVP on the dictaphone but hopefully they will improve.

    EVP 2: we've followed you

    EVP 3: Despite the background noise, it is relatively easy to hear the gentleman expressing the ability Rachel has to capture the background conversation of communicators. There are many unknowing communicators that sound surprised to be heard and as many that are cautious of being recorded.

    EVP 3: Rachel could hear everyone

    EVP 4: Without instructions or a precedent to follow, each recording session is highly experimental and as such the results do fluctuate from minute to minute. This group of unwitting speakers show very human traits of being unsatisfied with the proceedings and others being attentive. Rachel seeks guidance in this clip but a reply was not heard.

    EVP 4: you said I could hear her - I don't want to appear with your two - I am listening - who's this lovely

    EVP 5: This is a group of four EVP voices that were captured on the dictaphone not on the recording. Their comments are disjointed and make little sense, unless Rachel is considered to be the power source for experimental purposes but that may be putting meaning to nonsense.

    EVP 5: you're nearest - there is a power cut - inside her - near her dad

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