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    January 2020

    Rachel: new this month was an external condenser microphone, used with my regular Olympus dictaphone. When transfered to the laptop, the new microphone proved to be an improvemnet on overall noise reduction but I wonder at what cost to the voices . In my experiments I have found that high quality noise reducing kit, is detrimental to EVP. I will continue to use the new microphone for a few months to see if the capture rate increases as this month was down. Whether my less than usual fitness levels is a factor, is unknown.

    Every new year my mind inevitably churns over as to what I could be doing better to improve recordings and if I should be making more of an effort to collaborate with external researchers. Joining with others is a very difficult balancing act, especially if you aim on publishing your results, egos and finances often get in the way of what could be creative and productive partnerships.

    In this session I asked for advice and direction from my communicators. Whilst I didn't receive a specific name, I have received information that will open up new avenues of research, which is exciting.

    EVP 1: The name Mary is being recorded more frequently of late. We don't have a known indentity for her or have her voice, it is always said by a male speaker. The second gentleman to speak confirms that they wish for me to seek a research partner. More news on this hopefully in the months ahead.

    EVP 1: mary - oh there is

    EVP 2: I had been talking about using new equipment and adapting my protocols to see if any improvments could be made. The gentleman who responds is easily heard, although his reply is a little puzzling and the meaning not clear.

    EVP 2: they like to be out there

    EVP 3: I was trying new placements of the microphone when this voice was captured, I'm not sure if the speaker wanted me to sing into the mic for him or he was asking another communicator to join in. Sadly no singing was heard.

    EVP 3: sing for me

    EVP 4: Recording EVP is not for those without a sense of humor or who are overly sensitive. It's not uncommon for me to capture mocking or rude comments but for me like publicity, any is better than none at all.

    EVP 4: some people do

    EVP 5: It would be too much supposition to say I'm certain of why this was said but it's always nice to hear, regardless of its context.

    EVP 5: I know they're proud

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