EVP January 2021

  • It sounds as if the experiments I've been doing are beginning to yield clear EVP communication. Whilst I am extremely excited there's still much to be done, to achieve this level of speech in real time conversations. Only by persisting will progress be made, even if it takes years, I will continue.

    Above is my new recorder, the Zoom H3-VR. With 4 microphone heads, it's designed to capture sound dynamically in all axes of the environment, I wanted to see if it was possible to locate the generation source of EVP, relative to my centred position. I've had promising results but it's still early days.

    As well as using the unit to record on, I am also using it as a microphone for the Olympus VN2100, my regular recorder. The sound qulity is not exceptional and even at the highest setting, some background hiss remains. However, for my purpose this is a good thing and post capture cleaning can easily remove excessive noise.

    As ever, I remain using Audacity for the conversion of files to audio and Adobe CC for cleaning. Working with numerous tracks is proving to be time consuming, having used mono for most of my research, further recordings with the Zoom H3-VR may have to be shorter to balance my workload.

    EVP 1: My answer to this gentleman is a resounding no. Over the years I've seen what effect money has done to researchers and mediums, who make a profit for what they do. Ultimately, I believe it destroys your links with those whom you contact and I'm not prepared to risk that for personal gain.

    EVP: d'you make money out of it

    EVP 2: I appreciate the sentiment even though I would never consider myself religious and it's humbling to know that others' reflect that I'm supported in what I do.

    EVP: god is with her

    EVP 3: Having asked advice on the current situation, I was pleased to get a reply. Communicators aren't allowed to tell us of certain things but any positive comment at the moment that gives a ray of hope is welcome.

    EVP: it's going to get better

    EVP 4: I really do know how incredibly lucky I am to acheive the communication I do but I wish I knew more about those who speak to me. It's lovely to hear that they take pleasure in visiting but I wish I was always aware of their presence.

    EVP: i'd really like to meet you again

    EVP 5: Over the years, I've recorded so many communicators telling me I have a lot of energy. It's possibly why I'm able to converse and record as I do. Wouldn't it be great though, to be able to measure it!

    EVP: looks like proper energy, it's all around you

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