EVP January 2022

  • In a world seemingly gone mad, sitting down with a cup of tea, talking to invisible beings and hearing their voices on play back - shouldn't surprise me. But it always does, especially when they are able to come through as clearly as these speakers did.

    To those of you who have asked about our communicator's awareness of the political situation; I have been made aware that communicators are not permitted to be explicit on current affairs, or tell us what is going to happen. The most they are allowed to do, in my experience, is to warn us of impending problems and to console us in our predicament.

    This made me laugh. The dead pan delivery sounds like the game show, where people change their persona to a famous person's, to sing their music. Joking aside, I wonder who Eddy might be. It's obviously a cover name, but why would they need to provide one - unless they aren't allowed to reveal who they are, or if they've never had a name. Very puzzling and something I will follow up in future recordings.

    tonight we are eddy

    It's not uncommon that when I ask about developing our channel of communication, a comment is captured saying that I won't be able to sit, or to function. Whilst sitting in a seance isn't possible at the moment, there is nothing to prohibit me from these recordings. However,we all hope that sittings will resume soon as they always proove fascinating.

    she won't be able to sit

    This gentleman's voice was captured as I was writting notes. Although it's impossible to be certain of the context, his dialogue might suggest that he is making an observation on the recording process.

    I can see someone's input

    Just before this man speaks, I was letting off steam about the poor behaviour of someone that had left me frustrated. It never fails to amaze me that the responses I capture, demonstrate that communicators are there to listen and to support us.

    yes that was too far

    I probably shouldn't find this so amusing but I've lost count of how many times I've been told I'll be dead. To research EVP, you need a thick skin and the ability not to take verbal abuse to heart. If I get a particularly nasty message, I tell them it's being removed from the recording and not isolated. Knowing they've lost their voice, they soon give up.

    you'll be dead

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