• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    July 2019

    Rachel: it's been a tough period as I've been under the weather. I had no expectations of capturing any voices as I was quite weary at the time of recording and only managed 30 minutes. To my surprise, not only did I hear voices on the live recording that were clear, there was also a loud and resonant bang on the floor.

    EVP 1: It's been a few sessions without reference to me being a witch, so it was no surprise to hear the return of a familiar phrase. In the room where this was recorded, there are numerous items that might identify me as a target to the likes of Matthew Hopkins.

    EVP 1: burn her

    Live EVP 2: In the previous recording a young man's voice said "I'm allowed to help you, always call on me", I asked if it was Toby as I recognised his voice.

    Live EVP 2: yes it was

    Live EVP 3: This is a puzzling capture, the man's voice is easily heard but the comment is completely out of context. I wasn't drinking at the time, I was talking about visiting a new site and its historic background.

    Live EVP 3: once I've had a beer

    EVP 4: A man whispers Helen's name then directs action, after which I not only heard but felt a very loud bang that vibrated the floor next to me.

    EVP 4: Helen - bang loudly I said...

    EVP 5: I am due to attend a conference and was intrigued to see what our communicators thought of some current metaphysical theories due for discussion. This is a very short quip and I'm curious to know the meaning, if it has been interpreted correctly. Was the speaker talking to me or directing another communicator, and ready to do what?

    EVP 5: you are ready

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