EVP July 2020

  • Following on from the sucess I had in April with a solitary web streaming session, I tried again with encouraging results. The only problem I've found is in preventing acoustic feedback when using the service on two devises in a small room, however when the set up is working without interference, it's simple and intriguingly efficient for communication. There were many instances of text supporting EVP, although I've yet to figure out how I can accurately document this, work in progress.

    EVP 1: It goes without saying to those who know what I do and what I love most, whom Henry might be. I would in a heartbeat be glad of his friendship.

    EVP: if you would like to be friends, henry would

    EVP 2: A black candle in the craft is mostly used for protection whilst working. My grandfather burnt one as he performed rituals, I never have or felt it necessary to use, but I will be purchasing one as a trial. It will be interesting to see if it draws the gentleman closer.

    EVP: light the black candle

    EVP 3: Immediately my question was who are they and how are those that are recorded, selected to speak? This returns to the ever present questions of unspoken rules and a heirarchy that we are not permitted to know of.

    EVP: they know not who they give you

    EVP 4: Whilst the beginning of this clip is clear, it fades for me as the second speaker enters. Are you able to hear what is said?

    EVP: i'm afraid you got to be...

    EVP 5: I regularly capture my name being called but this was heard at the time of recording, as well as being captured.

    EVP: Rachel

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