• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    June 2019

    Rachel: Because we haven't been able to sit as a group recently, I was concerned with the lack of time spent on communication in experiments and a possible loss of connection. The replies that were heard, captured as both Live EVP and audibly in the room, assure me that my worries are unnecessary and our communicators are near at hand if needed. The clarity of the voices are not as profound as those recorded in séances but they are still directly relevant to my conversation and easily understood.

    EVP 1: This recording did take place in my bedroom but I wasn't able to either sense or see anybody, physically or mentally.

    EVP 1: Who are all those people inside her bedroom

    Live EVP 2: It's a lovely thing to know that even if you can't see those who are present, they are always looking out for you. The second voice belongs to a frequent communicator and if you've watched our videos, you may well recognise him too.

    Live EVP 2: I'm allowed to help you - always call on me

    Live EVP 3: On previous recordings, there had been many threats and it was this I was referring to. The very quick following reply, sounds like a gentleman that was captured first at Hampton Court Palace.

    Live EVP 3: Come to bless you

    EVP 4: This is an interesting comment. Many years ago when our physical circle sat in the dark, we tried in vain to get communication through a seance trumpet. In years it never budged or made a peep, so we gave up with it. Maybe it should be considered again; we will ask when sittings resume.

    EVP 4: Get a trumpet

    EVP 5: This whistle was heard in the room, it has been amplified so the background noise is rather loud but it's quite unusual for me to hear and capture something so tuneful.

    EVP 5: Whistle

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