• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    March 2019

    Rachel: there are some days when even I find recording and analysis a challenge. No matter how interested you are in a subject and how dedicated you are, fatigue catches up with you and can make even a short session a huge effort. The machinary was working well but the voices were quite unclear and typically very short in nature. It's not uncommon for experimental results to be poorer when I'm tired and these serve to prove the point.

    Live EVP 1: I never take it for granted that the same speakers will come forward for each experimental session, so I always state the reason for performing the test. Life certainly has been a challenge for the last few months and I'm not sure if that's what the first speaker is referring to. Sadly I wasn't able to see anybody in the room.

    Live EVP 1: life is war - she'll see me

    Live EVP 2: Shortly before adjusting the mixer, the focus of my one sided conversation was the search for variable factors that would exert a positive affect on the quality of the voices heard. Although the response is unclear, it is helpful and if correct, not altogether unexpected.

    Live EVP 2: Rachel it's you

    Live EVP 3: Within the room I distinctly heard a male voice saying "Rachel will win" however only my name was captured on the recording. It is not uncommon to have a noise or voice reported but there to be no evidence of it on a recording and vice versa. The fact that I'm hearing anything during in these experiments is encouraging but also frustrating that its nature is so unpredictable.

    Live EVP 3: Rachel

    EVP 4: Although the purpose of the experimental recording is to establish two way communication, other phenomena is often observed in the room. In previous experiments, lights have been turned on/off, small moving lights have been seen and voices in the room have been heard. Unfortunately no movement was observed at the time of this EVP.

    EVP 4: try movement

    EVP 5: The amount of money available for research is limited. Whilst I would very much like to be able to perform a more detailed analysis of recordings and visit more sites with the group, it's currently not possible. The comment if translated correctly is telling, I understand that I am used for both my ability to facilitate them speaking and my coding skills to provide this site to share them. In my experience, everybody has a specific part to play, you might not always know what it is though.

    EVP 5: huh - we uses her

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