EVP March 2020

  • In a very welcome change to my usual solitary recording session, Tracey joined me for an ITC experiment where we tried linking EVP with images captured using a television/camcorder feedback loop. This session was spontaneous.

    On a work day afternoon, I messaged Tracey to ask if she would like to join me for dinner as she was working close by. After dinner Tracey suggested we make use of the evening to try something different. Having bought a new TV, I ordered a new AV cable but it still had not arrived. I rummaged through a large amount of old AV equipment in the hope that something could be modified but none were suitable. Then Tracey remembered that earlier in the day she put a cable in her car, it had been hanging around unused in her kitchen for quite some time but she thought it may be of use to me. It was exactly what we needed to run the experiment, rather an odd coincidence.

    The feedback loop method is somewhat tedious and takes a generous time to set up and scan the film for possible results. Images that have any resemblance of faces tend only to seen in one to three frames, which makes them easy to miss. Those reproduced here are not of a great quality but we feel they may show facial features, hopefully future captures will increase in clarity.

    EVP 1: We were hoping to capture voices alongside images but it wasn't working. The camcorder started misbehaving which is why I provided a time-check. It's far from unusual to capture swearing, whilst it can be entertaining sometimes, this gentleman sounds rather fed up.

    EVP 1: fuck you

    EVP 2: Whilst Tracey did not hear the very breathy voice, I did and the recorder clearly picked it up too. Quite what is said is open to interpretation. It has been included because the communication plainly did not come from either of us.

    EVP 2: breathy voice

    EVP 3: Despite Tracey being the one to physically provide the AV cable, the communicators are taking the credit for it being given.

    EVP 3: our gift

    EVP 4: As we watched pretty waves of blue and green fade in and out, an odd black and yellow pattern crept in and looked rather like people walking behind frosted window. We had no idea that multiple voices were imprinting at the same time. The pictures weren't retained as it was assumed that it was purely interferance. Lesson learnt for next time.

    EVP 4: bill - was that you - hold her - kill - who are they

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