EVP March 2021

  • There was a very odd, almost uncomfortable atmosphere during this recording but the generated subtitiles on the screen were prolific, with many meaningful responses. At one point, Matilda began growling whilst looking down the stairs, there was nothing visibly there. Then I received a message to call out to Jesse, who was my dog that died many years ago, I wonder if it was her that Matilda saw.

    Sometimes I can't resist asking about the current political situation, even though I'm well aware that it's a subject that is restricted. I've yet to determine why this is but it's been the same since I began recording. Whilst communictors are willing to talk about the past, they are very guarded about discussing the future.

    you'll be pro russia

    Text came up telling me that I should talk to Jesse, my dog. I'm not sure who the two gentleman are, or what it is they are sheilding me from.

    just listen to me - she don't wish to see this

    It's hard to know how to respond to a communicator whose message sounds negative. Personally, I always remind myself that without context, he might not even be talking to me. All the more reason for those who speak to be clear in word and direction.

    don't respect you

    I'm not sure whether I should be thankful of their message or not. It's very nice of them to have spoken to me but it would have been good to know exactly what they needed to warn me of. Over the years I've received many threats, I don't let them concern me.

    glad to have met you - let us warn you

    Although my question regarding the generation of text, doesn't marry with the reply, to me it makes sense. I had been asking communicators outside of this recording, how I am guided to certain actions. It's almost as if I am driven to do things that sometimes, are far from an action that I would logically decide to take. And I often benefit from them.

    they tried but sometimes i push you

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