• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    May 2019

    Rachel: this was a spur of the moment recording done at lunctime which is unusual, I'd normally wait until nightfall. After recent recordings where results had noticable faded, the voices in this session were very encouraging. Despite it being a relatively short window of time, many speakers were heard and what's more important, their comments were all positive.

    EVP 1: After the recent period of negative EVP captures, it was very good to know that whoever was responsible has given up and removed themselves. I hope they'll not return.

    EVP 1: Wouldn't bother - bless you they've run out

    Live EVP 2: I've been considering potential sites for our next investigation but the cost of even one night's fees are eye watering for most historic locations. In this clip I was talking about returning to a castle that we had already investigated.

    Live EVP 2: Oh go on it'd be lovely - say it

    Live EVP 3: This clip was recorded whilst I nipped out to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a banana. The recording quite rightly did take place in the bedroom.

    Live EVP 3: So why did I turn that - meal time - record in the bedroom

    EVP 4: I daftly didn't say who I was when I began recording, so it's no surprise that he didn't know how to address me. Whilst his voice is very clear, this gentleman's identity is unfortunately unknown.

    EVP 4: I don't know what to call you

    EVP 5: I am currently building up mileage for a very long run and it's nice to know that our communicators are aware of what I'm doing. I need no encouragement to have something naughty as a treat after I've been training!

    EVP 5: Go naughty after your run

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