• Project period: 2016 - 2020

    November 2018

    Rachel: I'd been quite unwell in hospital and it was a great relief to get home and do a recording. It was no surprise that when I asked for advice, communicators were aware of my situation. Whilst the voices captured live are not on the whole as clear as those recorded in the Halloween sitting, they are still easily heard. Helen's voice was easy to hear both mentally and at the time of recording, which is why I hastily changed my impersonal style of address. Live sessions are much more informal than group sittings, this may be why answers are often more direct and personal.

    EVP 1: I am personally delighted that Mr Rainbow, who I first recorded at his home in Fish Court, Hampton Court Palace, has become a familiar voice and friend.

    EVP 1: your house

    EVP 2: After moving furniture around, I considered whether to hold the next sitting in the study and mention erecting the cabinet to see if it will allow sitters more room. This clip is unclear but still worthy of listening to because of its relevance.

    EVP 2: when will you be doing a sitting

    EVP 3: Despite being very aware that I can be heard, sometimes my concentration lapses and my focus is snapped back by a comment I hear; this capture of Helen's voice is a perfect illustration.

    EVP 3: who are we

    EVP 4: During this section I was chomping on goji balls and a little distracted; quite why the speakers were trying to get control of me, I have no idea. Whatever their reason they didn't get their way, I'm far too obstinate.

    EVP 4: get control of her - getting control of you

    EVP 5: Having been warned on occasions of impending illness, I take notice of the messages I capture. There seems to be no correlation though between the state of my health and the ability to capture voices.

    EVP 5: I'm proud of her - she's hurting

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