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    November 2019

    Rachel: normally this section features live EVP recordings where recorded voices are monitored and responded to immediately, however this month we offer something different. At the end of the last sitting, I was requested to leave the recorder on after we left the room and Gina went home. I had no idea why this was requested but the resulting recording was very unexpected. Many years ago at the cottage, it was common for me to record the set up pre and tidy post sittings, the voices captured this evening are reminiscent of those captured in that period. Whilst they're not as clear as the sitting voices, we ask you to bear in mind that some of them are recorded when there is nobody in the room and there shouldn't be anything captured other than a feint hiss of the dictaphone's background noise.

    EVP 1: The first voice you hear is mine as I enter the cooler hall, Gina is another room and responds. The next speaker is a gentleman, despite not being very loud, he can clealy be heard and his voice is obviously different to ours. It has been a challenging year with many stressful things of late to deal with, however, when we sit everything is left behind for a while. We always try to have a good time when sitting and we certainly had that evening, is this why the speaker is surprised?

    EVP 1: can't believe you're happy

    EVP 2: This gentleman's message was recorded as the seance cabinet was taken down and was being packed away. We have a lot to be thankful for and have always been lucky in our research recordings, it certainly would be nice to know that we're being pushed in the right direction and they're looking after us.

    EVP 2: I'll tell you, you'll be lucky

    EVP 3: Mentally I heard a man's voice giving me a ticking off for overly worrying about the research. It's lovely to hear a speaker tell us that we'll never be alone, we've grown to accept that just because we don't see our communicators, they may very well be present at any time, not just when we are sitting in a seance.

    EVP 3: never be alone

    EVP 4: Who might the speaker be talking to and what was he warning of? His message was recorded when the room was empty and we had left the house.

    EVP 4: tried to warn you

    EVP 5: Mary is a name that to us is synonymous with Hampton Court Palace. Her name is often recorded and her presence sensed outside the Great Hall on the steps by Anne Boleyn's Gateway. It's always thrilling to hear the same voices recorded at home, when we've previously captured them at the Palace. Mary has spoken in our circle but rarely and of course we have no proof of who she might be.

    EVP 5: mary has followed you

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