EVP November 2020

  • I had been playing around with the new recorder (to be featured in January), and for a bit of fun, I trialled using a background of reversed Norweigan speech. The Norweigan recording was placed in a spare room, along with a computer/skype and I had Skype open in the room I use, with two recorders. Both recorders picked up EVP, very few on the new one, but my usual Olympus captured many clear voices. All of the EVP was in English, none were in any foreign language.

    EVP 1: Whilst the speaker doesn't exactly do as I ask, I have captured a name.

    EVP 1: bring peter

    EVP 2: There's a very unusual tone to this recording, it has not been reversed. I sleep alone, so unless there was an invisible entity in my bed, I'm not sure that the speaker is talking to me.

    EVP: he was in bed with you - in love with you - who's that

    EVP 3: It was tricky to acheive the generation of subtitles with the background noise, without it being overheard in my room. Asking for clarification, I capture the very clear voice of a gentleman. Do they breathe, if not, who have I recorded?

    EVP: i didn't breathe, did you

    EVP 4: This is a very exciting reply. Not only is it a direct response to my question from the first speaker, the second speaker replies in a very old fashioned style of speech. I have never recorded any reference of "my lady" before.

    EVP: i don't think with the german - i won't call her then my lady

    EVP 5: This was recorded on the new unit, which is why it sounds very different to the other EVP from this session. The level of speech was much lower and harder to hear, but it seems to have picked up a longer stream of interations. I'm still in the early days of experimentation with this device, if I can increase the volumn whilst retaining the capture rate, it would be a big leap forward.

    EVP: would a bang be enough for her - fine - rachel - we have heavy metal

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