EVP November 2021

  • This year's experimental recordings have been astonishing and I'm still amazed every time I sit down to review a session, that I hear more communicators coming forward to speak with me. In the absence of holding regular seances, these sittings remind me that our friends who we may not always be aware of, are continually around us.

    Whilst the EVP captured is rather odd and did not fit contextually into my conversation, a couple of weeks' post recording it was to gain meaning. I awoke in the small hours one morning by the smell of a stew cooking in the oven. The aroma was so strong, I had to go downstairs to check that I hadn't left the cooker on by mistake. The oven was cold but the smell persisted, I went to bed and thought no more of it until I reviewed this recording.

    i smoke a stew

    I often wonder why it is that our circle members and friends that frequently come forward in seances, are rarely heard in experimental recordings. Understanding how they perceive our timeline and determine when to join us, remains a cloudy topic. The reply I received might suggest that those who are present, have the ability to pass on my regards, which is rather nice.

    but we'll just tell them

    For the most part, I'm completely oblivious as to who it is I'm in communication with. When performing an experimental session, I'm often aware of being in the presence of people, but not able to specifiy exactly who it might be. I wonder who the master might be; is this a personal friend, or someone in a place of authority who oversees my work?

    you're a friend to master

    and don't want to judge you

    My question relates to the winning authors of the BICS essay contest; I wanted to know why despite writing excellent essays, those who were published did not have personal first hand experiences of receiving direct communication. It's impossible to know who is speaking in reply, or how their opinion was formed, but it is intriguing.

    they're all unlikeable

    I've been considering a trip to visit the ghost towns and Indian reservations, of the Wild West of America. The EVP isn't relevant to my conversation, but is for my proposed travel plans.

    go to america

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