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    October 2018

    Rachel: some recording sessions go to plan and some do not, this was definitely in the latter category. One laptop refused to do anything despite working perfectly before. The second had problems with feedback, so I went with the third which was easiest on the ears but not the best quality. There were quite a few comments about the time of recording, it is rare to do a session at 05:00 hrs but not unheard of.

    EVP 1: Rachel exclaimed aloud in frustration to the feedback on the recording. The lady's voice that speaks is easy to hear but has a breathy quality. Communicators often remark that they are able to either see or feel who is in the recording environment.

    EVP 1: I can't see her

    EVP 2: The night before the recording, whilst putting on her pyjamas, Rachel saw a tennis ball sized blob of black mist whiz past her ankle. As it moved it left a what resembled a vapor trail. It would be nice to think this married with EVP3.

    EVP 2: A Grey lady

    EVP 3: There are two voices on this clip. The first is hard to define because the feedback cuts in but the second voice clearly says Jane. Could it be Lady Jane Grey?

    EVP 3: Try it again - Jane

    EVP 4: There's not a month that goes by without a voice calling for Rachel to be burnt. This type of remark should come as no surprise, in years gone by Rachel would most certainly have been burnt for necromancy.

    EVP 4: Burn her

    EVP 5: This clip is super, Rachel had been looking at cars online but an Audi wasn't considered. She does drink an awful lot of tea and would certainly welcome etheric help in the kitchen.

    EVP 5: Hello - Get an Audi - Make it for Rachel - No more tea

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