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    October 2019

    Rachel: Every now and then the question of whom I'm communicating with and where they are gets the better of my curiousity. I've been told through EVP many times that communicators are not allowed to provide me with the answers I seek and the frustration is hard to quell. There were no direct replies captured in this recording, which is unusual but there are voices. As with the Halloween sitting, the most salient feature was the visual aspect of wisps moving in the room. After the success of the last solo sitting, I employed the red light again, which seems to have a positive effect on both visual and auditory phenomena observed in the room but not necessarily on the recording.

    Recently I began spectrographic analysis of captured EVP versus our voices, the differences are clear and simple to see. An indepth study is needed over a greater sample size before any hypothesis can be arrived at but it's an exciting avenue to investigate. Of course news and developments will be posted on the site as soon as possible.

    EVP 1: Whilst not being a very loud EVP, the gentleman's voice can be clearly heard and if correct, his comment may reflect my approach to the sitting which was indeed a little heavier than of late.

    EVP 1: it's heavy

    EVP 2: The meaning of the EVP is ambiguous, is the speaker observing me as a person or referring to my conversation regarding enquiries made to us as a group.

    EVP 2: a person

    EVP 3: The messgage of this EVP isn't as important as the obvious difference in the spectral energy of the voice. Whilst the wave form appears to be a similar amplitude and range to my voice, the visual representation is revealing and illustrates the Hertz pattern to be very uncharacterist of my speech.

    EVP 3: where is he

    EVP 4: This rather amuses me because it sounds as if the speaker is rebuking another present, who may possibly have made a detectable noise by mistake.

    EVP 4: is that you

    EVP 5: It's an odd word to capture but it does aptly describe the mist that was poorly defined and its movement in the doorway.

    EVP 5: blurry

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