EVP October 2020

  • I was looking forward to recording this session. Sometimes, despite receiving wonderful communication, it is difficult to maintain regularity in experimenting. I know I'm not alone in this, many active researchers have periods when they are easily distracted by life's events. The effort is always worth it though when you hear the voices of those around you, that mostly go unseen. Many of the comments I've recorded this month have been evidential and pertinent to my conversation.

    EVP 1: I would not usually begin a solo recording with a prayer but I mentally heard a voice saying open, this I believed meant start the session as we do when holding a physical seance. I was very surprised to hear the phrase I captured, of course I have no way of knowing if there was ill intent by those around me or if it was I that was considered evil. I will ask in my next session.

    EVP: it's evil

    EVP 2: Personally I've been in a difficult situation of late and I'm aware that certain communicators do seem to be aware of my misfortunes. It's true that I have recorded comments that have helped guide my actions, so it's comforting to hear the gentleman leave his assurance.

    EVP: i did

    EVP 3: This speaker's comment purplexes me. I have no understanding of how he may see his own energy, as I have no knowledge of what state he exists in. I saw no visible light, or heard any sound at the time of this clip.

    EVP: i see my energy

    EVP 4: Just like everyone else, I have only so much patience in exasperating situations. Here I was airing my frustration of a pending appointment. And for the record, I was nice and did as I needed to do.

    EVP: act nice - she will do it

    EVP 5: Having recently had cancer, it upsets me to hear that so many people are not receiving the care they rightly deserve due to the current restrictions. The gentleman's reply is puzzling; who is it that's out of their body?

    EVP: they're out of body

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