EVP October 2021

  • I sat down last night to what I believed would be just another solo recording session. I expected to receive familiar voices, but what I captured was truly astonishing. The session which lasted only 30 minutes, consisted of nearly 20 class A EVP. This doesn’t happen, even to me.

    The purpose of the solo experiments, is to further develop my personal connection, and my ability to record EVP. I have to be able to perform at a consistent level, so that we don’t waste precious time during seances and on investigations. I need to be able to trust my gut instinct.

    The first clip was captured right at the beginning of the session, when I asked whoever was around, to let me know they were there. The reply is entertaining and it sounds like the speaker has a good sense of humour.

    getting down with a ghost

    As is usual, I mentioned the groups’ planned trip at Halloween, and invited the communicators to join us if they’d like to. Whether the gentlemen are replying to me and declining my invitation, or are talking between themselves is hard to tell. Maybe they’d rather we talk to those who reside at the house, we’re investigating!

    don't want to go - why don't you help some others

    I always ask for advice on improving the channel of communication, and assume that with practice, the link becomes stronger. Although the speaker doesn’t directly respond to my question, he replies that he wants to hear. Does he mean my voice, or my ideas I wonder.

    rachel i wish to hear - that was virginia

    I ask a communicator whether they’d like us as a group to try a particular experiment. The reply is curious, am I a new to their circle or are they a new member who will be assisting ours?

    new to our circle

    Relying on my own devices to push progress can be challenging and I’m always open to considering new practices, and recording with different people. I’m not sure where the gentleman that’s mentioned is, or even which side Mr Haraldsson may be on.

    has jon haraldsson seen it

    Like many practitioners of ITC, I’m not averse to using different equipment for experimentation. I ask this communicator what equipment they’d be able to use, aside from the usual apparatus. I wasn’t expecting the simple but logical answer.

    they'll run with just your head

    I’ve often received advance notice of those who wish to challenge my work and me personally, so this statement is intriguing. I’m not one to be easily put down when there’s a fire in my belly and I welcome a challenge. Being an ultra runner gives you an ability to push yourself to the limit, no matter how hard things get.

    is rachel a survivor - they're about to test you

    For years I’ve asked about things that may take place in the future and I’ve never received an answer. But this night I did. My question was whether I and members of the group would be able to record in a desired location, that’s not easily accessed. I really hope the man who replies is telling the truth.

    yeah i'm best to take you

    And then you get a curious EVP that although it’s incredibly clear, makes no grammatical sense. Vinyl means only one thing to me, old records. I can’t imagine that it’s a name. It’s very odd.

    tell them vinyl please

    Over the last few years, I’ve seen a shadow man walking around my house. Most often on the landing, passing my bedroom door going to the bathroom, and when I’m sitting on the sofa, I see him walking about in the kitchen. His presence has never bothered me in the slightest, I quite like him being here. By chance I listened to a conversation on YouTube, a discussion of whether men in black could take the form of shadow men. Well I had to ask. I honestly didn’t for one second think I’d get the answer I did, and it opens up a whole new horizon of possibilities for who I may be sharing my house with.

    yeah non-terrestrial

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