• Project period: 2016 - 2019

    September 2018

    EVP 1: Whilst the voices you hear intersperced with Rachel's are not clear, they are worthy of repeated attempts to translate. If the words are as suggested, two way communication may be tantilisingly close. Although the third voice sounds very different, this is as it was recorded and has not been modified.

    EVP 1: Can you hear me - We're near you - near Rachel

    EVP 2: There is no certainty as to whom the speaker was addressing but the language does have relevance to the activity in the room; close attention must be paid to dynamic wave patterns whilst recording.

    EVP 2: Pay attention

    EVP 3: This gentleman's voice was captured as an EVP on the digital recorder and is very crisp. Rachel had been pondering where and in what state the speakers existed, it would be comforting if this address was correct.

    EVP 3: Hello I'm dead

    EVP 4: Rachel is expressing how much she is looking forward to being at Hampton Court Palace again and how it will be a more relaxed stay, compared to previous visits. In this clip Rachel's voice sounds muffled towards the end of the sentence, however the speaker is very clear. The use of a future tense is noted and we sincerely hope that a death is not recorded during our visit.

    EVP 4: There will be a death there

    EVP 5: Apart from EVP 4 above, no warning has been captured during recent recordings, although there have been numerous mentions regarding Rachel's current period of ill health. There are two female speakers, the first voice has a Southern English accent, the second belongs to Helen, a Scottish lady who communicates regularly; note the unusual punctuation of the second voice which resembles reversed speech but is not.

    EVP 5: We warned you - I fear Lesley has

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