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    September 2019

    Rachel: This was a fairly long session for a solo recording and I employed a red light in the hope that it might encourage familiar speakers to come forward. The red glow has been cited as being a calling beacon in previous seances and it seems to have a beneficial effect on the quality of voices captured. Why though remains a mystery.

    EVP 1: It's always helpful to get acknowledgment that we'll have our communicators present at a sitting. A gentlman's voice can be heard behind mine at the very end of the clip.

    EVP 1: alright

    EVP 2: It's unlcear whether the speaker is instructing me to talk or he's directing someone unseen, either way it's clear and demonstrates that wherever our communicators are, they know voice capture is possible.

    EVP 2: talk

    EVP 3: I am currently experiencing a flare of Crohn's disease and felt exhausted at the time of recording. The gentleman's voice suggesting I lie down shows they appreciate our physical health and are aware that our bodies do have an influence on recordings. Had I laid down at this point though, I may well have fallen asleep.

    EVP 3: lie down

    EVP 4: It's not often that I see lights during a solo recording but on this evening there were a few of multiple colours. The phrase captured is interesting and suggests that the speaker doesn't realise his voice will be captured, it's also more likely that it is a direction to whomever was showing themselves in the form of a blue light.

    EVP 4: say i am

    EVP 5: This is my mother's name and the greeting is rarely recorded. I've never recorded my mother's voice or a message from her, only mention that she is present at the time of recording.

    EVP 5: hello pat

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