EVP September 2020

  • Despite being at home with more time than I have ever had, for reasons I can't fathom every day is a race to get things done and regular solo sittings have become quite irregular. I know this must change if I am to keep the clear channel of communication open with those I work with on the other side.

    The recording was quite short and this may explain why many of the voices I captured weren't terribly clear. Quite often over time there's a gathering of communicators and an increase in the ability to project their voices. When opening a session, there appear to be far less speakers present than at closing time.

    EVP 1: Either this is a coincidental remark, or I picked up on the message to stop enquiring about a specific subject. As I've mentioned before, there are limits of disclosure that speakers must adhere to and a level of concealment on certain topics.

    EVP: oh i reminded to comply

    EVP 2: I was oblivious to the two gentlemen but it sounds as if they are observers, the first speaker doesn't believing what the second speaker is trying to point out.

    EVP: you're lying to me - do you hear

    EVP 3: My puppy Matilda appears sensitive to the presence of visitors in the room. She'd been resting when something caught her attention, her eyes followed movement by the door for a matter of minutes.

    EVP: in front of you

    EVP 4: Again for a protracted period, Matilda kept her gaze fixed on the corner of the room where a portrait of Henry VIII hangs. I've often captured his name at home but it's always nice to know he drops in to make his presence known.

    EVP: harry

    EVP 5: I wonder who is telling Harry to take action, it's not a voice I recognise. And the phrase isn't what I might expect to capture at home, this would be more fitting at the palace or a castle.

    EVP: harry go to war

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