EVP September 2021

  • Once in a while I have a session that makes me feel uneasy. It's hard to say whether my mood affects the recording or those who communicate create an edgy atmosphere, but this recording wasn't easy to do or listen to. The language of both generated texts and the spoken messages, contributed to me being glad that the analysis was over. There were no direct threats but there were many negative comments and unusual voices, none that I had heard before.

    As well as the uncharacteristic content of messages, and unfamiliar speakers, the poor quality of the recording was far from normal. The reason the voices gained a mechanistic tone for this session is unknown, I have no idea what caused the loud interference as nothing in my procedure had deviated from the previous sitting. Whilst I appreciate that communicators have undoubtably made a considerable effort to speak, I hope that in the next session, they are able to reduce the noise.

    The name Gerda has never been captured on a recording and I haven't heard it used for many years. Who she may be is unknown, the only positive is that the response is direct and was potentially helpful. Although no name was given.

    Gerda I missed, give her a name

    I suspect that the unusual level of noise may have something to do with different communicators coming forward to speak. The tonality of the voices was incomparable from any I've captured before; they do however seem eager to make contact.

    you have found us

    It's impossible to provide a contextual description to this clip. I have no firm sense of whether the speakers are talking to me, or between themselves. I hope it's the former.

    That's a lie you'll soon see what they've done to you - go away

    I have some idea of what this clip may refer to and I understand exactly why they are hesitant. Historically, mediums and those who provide evidential communication, are treated harshly by those who fear exposing the reality of abilities that fall outside of scientific understanding.

    i don't want to let them test you

    The content of text messages at this point was becoming quite brusque, and I was having difficulty following the disjointed communication. The gentleman who speaks, sounds like he's excusing himself from the uncomfortable dialogue.

    I had no part in this

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