Phone Calls From the dead

  • An Anomalous Phone Call July 2018

    Rachel: It has been many years since the previous calls and despite receiving many EVP messages in the interim saying I would be called, nothing until now. This message was very short but my domestic situation has changed, I have moved to a new area, have a new telephone number and telecomunications technology has evolved significantly since the last call. Hopefully now a link has been established, I will receive further messages. As with the previous calls, it was not possible to trace the caller and the message was recorded on the machine in the early hours of the morning.

    The content of the call when listened to intially makes no sense. By reviewing the recording and clipping the different voices, it is possible to make a logical translation of the spoken language but it would not surprised us if you have a different interpretation.

    Clip 1: happy

    Clip 2: are plenty

    Clip 3: The room we use for séances and in which I spend many hours reviewing recordings, is referred to by friends as my cell. The walls are a deep red and of course we always have a red light in séances. We have been told via EVP that it is the light that draws the communicators when we are ready to begin a sitting.

    Clip 3: they see your cell from the red happy

    Clip 4: Whilst we would not use the word invoking, it is true that we do call to communicators to join us and that could be viewed as a ritualistic procedure. If our interpretation is correct, the caller may have hoped that Rachel would pick up the phone. Each evening the landline phone is routinely switched over to messaging, so no incoming call would be heard.

    Clip 4: invokes us - flies - is she coming - spot her

    Clip 5: when we - we must

    Clip 6: It was not until late evening that the call was reviewed, earlier that day Rachel was visiting The Battle of Bosworth Field, the site of the War of the Roses which took place in 1485 and the dynasty of the Tudors began. Although Cardinal Wolsey was 12 at the time of the battle, he was cardinal of the Catholic Church and a statesman when Henry Tudor's son, Henry VIII became king in 1509. Is it too much to hope that this is Wolsey's voice?

    Clip 6: I think there was Wolsey - oh yes

    Initially this voice was heard as the displacement of equipment when ending the call but when the background noise is reduced, the intonation of the words do fit the suggested translation and it is in context.

    Clip 7: I'll call her