Phone Calls From the dead

  • Over a period of 2 years, Rachel received three calls made between the hours of 2am - 3am. She was able to obtain the same number each time but the telephone company were unable to trace it, finally reporting that the number did not exist. Thankfully each call was recorded and transferred to a computer for review. Clips are provided rather than the entire call as the language was in places, explicit and not always easily heard. During seances there have been many EVP captures that have referred to Rachel receiving further contact, she eagerly awaits the next call.

    Phone call 1

    On the first occasion fearing there was an emergency, Rachel got out of bed and ran to the phone. Before she reached it, the answer machine cut in and multiple voices could be heard in short staccato phrases, not unlike EVP. Hearing the voices were not familiar or leaving a specific message, Rachel chose not to pick up the receiver, assuming it to be a crossed line and waited until the recording turned off automatically. Most of the content was spoken by an unknown gentleman with a distinct London accent.

    Clip 1: Whilst it's not impossible that the language in the clip might be used in common speech, it is an uncanny phrase to be picked up in a chance phone call to a wrong number, and to someone who researches EVP and ITC.

    Must be very dead

    Clip 2: This clip is of two voices with similar accents; the use of Rachel's name is interesting and is captured in varying accents on all three calls, this being the clearest.

    go and tell rachel they love ya - as if

    Clip 3: Rachel is not a Spiritualist, however not knowing who the speaker is, we cannot assume or contextualise the comment. The assumption of a crossed line seems unlikely given the references.

    Oh that basic spiritualist

    Phone Call 2