Phone Calls From the dead

  • Phone call 2

    Having reviewed the recording of the first phone call and finding many references that could be interpreted as personal, Rachel was excited when the phone rang for a second time. Hurrying to the phone, she picked up the receiver in an attempt to communicate and find out where the call was placed from. Unfortunately as soon as she did this, the voices stopped abruptly but thankfully the answer machine captured a short message before the timer switched it off automatically.

    Clip 1: This voice is similiar to the gentleman in the first call and seems to be a direct question; Rachel was very happy at receiving a second anomalous call and considered it a welcome development to research.

    girl are you happy

    Clip 2: At the time of recording, Rachel had been requested via EVP to update the seance room equipment. The additional expenditure was necessary but unexpected. A small windfall came her way shortly after completing the changes.

    and we know your money's little

    Clip 3: The voices captured on the recording do not resemble those captured at Chillingham Castle, which was visited prior to the phone call, however we have no way of knowing who the speaker was referring to.

    that's your friend in the castle

    Phone Call 3