Phone Calls From the dead

  • Phone call 3

    The third call went straight through to the answerphone and Rachel had no idea that the phone had rung until getting up the next day. This call although shorter than the preceeding calls, was from the same number and featured a wider variety of voices and accents.

    Clip 1:This is the only female voice recorded and the content is amusing because Rachel slept through the phone ringing, despite it only being 20ft from her bed.

    Will you wake

    Clip 2: Rachel had indeed had her hair cut the day before the call was received. The Liverpudlian accent in this clip is distinct and is familiar to other EVP voices we have captured during seances.

    You've had your hair cut

    Clip 3: This voice is rather odd and sounds slightly disjointed but it's a wonderful question and surely must answer the doubts of the call being unintentionally for Rachel.

    hello m'dear how are the dead people