• 21st Century Seance

    The group initially sat as an experimental physical circle, with short periods of blackout. Progress was rapid but there were concerns that without light, we were unable to be certain that phenomena was genuine and not accidental or fraudulent. The shift to red light was not detrimental and reported phenomena continued to build.

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  • an evp study of Hampton court palace

    Hampton Court Palace is the most magnificent tudor edifice, synonumous with King Henry VIII, his six wives and the associated religious and political schisms of the era. If one was to choose a historical location in which to investigate reported paranormal phenomena, then surely this palace must be it.

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  • We are not alone

    It is impossible to look up at the stars and not ask the question are we alone? It would be arrogant to assume that we are the only life forms in the universe but if we do have extra terrestrial neighbours, are they more technologically advanced than us apes and able to communicate without the need of a physical presence?

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