Field Investigations

  • Castell Rhaglan

    Monmouthshire, Wales

    Raglan Castle was built in the late medieval period, the 1430s, by William Herbert Raglan and is a stunning piece of architectural craftsmanship. It had fine Tudor features such as a long Gallery and a very grand oriel window in the paneled Great Hall. The castle was built to impress rather than defend the inhabitants but it did hold off parliamentarian forces, the Roundheads, in one of the last sieges of th Civil War (1642-1651). Sadly the castle was eventually destroyed by parliament, although enough remains to allude to its former glory.


    EVP 1: This voice was captured in a small octagonal storage room, below the kitchen. There are no windows and only a small amount of light seeps in through the stairwell. Rachel is asking if there is anybody present who can explain the function of the room. The reply captured seems out of context but clear; unless possibly the speaker considers Rachel to be the spectre.

    EVP 1: Elemental

    EVP 2: Rachel and Tracey are in a small room in the keep that features floor to ceiling wall paintings depicting the castle's owners and occupiers. They both remarked how much more attractive they are than information boards. The EVP might refer to the fact that there are hanging pegs in some of the keep rooms that curtain poles might possibly be hung from; these would cover the wall paintings if used.

    EVP 2: And they're mounted behind

    EVP 3: We are unsure exactly what the EVP refers to; we certainly do not consider our visit work. Rachel was reading about the battle of Naseby in 1645 and how King Charles I retreated to the castle.

    EVP 3: You are a'working

    EVP 4: This clip was captured in another sunken, octagonal, small windowless room, this time to the side of the keep. Rachel was alone and there were no visitors present in the area at the time of recording. The few visitors we encountered were not heard to be speaking German.

    EVP 4: Auf weidersehen

    EVP 5: Although not terribly clear, the second part of the EVP is very interesting and follows on from the clip above; it was recorded at the same location. We have captured many messages over the years in foreign languages, some we have never been able to translate. It is puzzling that whilst we are recording in Wales, not one EVP has a Welsh accent. This is consistent with the group's patterm of recording in that regardless of location, the predominent accent will be modern English as spoken in the South East of England.

    EVP 5: They believe me - I wanted that in German

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