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    September 2018

    This month we welcomed Hayley as a regular observer, although it was not her first sitting with the group. The room has been modified and with the changes, we were unsure if it would be detrimental to the phenomena and recordings. Thankfully we had no reason to worry.

    The quality and quantity of EVP voices was phenomenal, along with significant visible phenomena, this had to be one of the most remarkable sittings since moving to the new location. The room was lit with a red bulb rather than an LED red light used in previous sittings, we have no idea if this had a bearing on results but will ask at our next session. There were so many excellent recordings this month it was difficult to chose which to feature here.

    Both Hayley and Rachel reported lights during the sitting, also reported was a red mist seen around Rachel, which was commented upon in an EVP. There were three short periods of transfiguration; two focused on facial features, a final brief episode was of the neck and shoulder area, this has never been seen before. Many taps were heard along with a noise that resembled a door handle being turned.

    EVP 1: This is a fascinating clip for many reasons; Leningrad was renamed St. Petersburg in 1924, is the first voice a psychical researcher from another era and who is he remembering? The second voice is female and has a foreign accent but we cannot declare it definitively as Russian. The voices were captured during a period of partial transfiguration when only a cheek was formed. Whilst warnings are appreciated, is it us who should be careful or those who are attempting to be visible or communicating and what are we at risk of?

    EVP 1: It's like Leningrad - You're both at serious risk

    EVP 2: Hayley is describing the mist she saw around Rachel when two male voices break into the coversation. Their regional accents would place them as being from the South East of England, possibly London. Whilst we cannot be certain, they sound similar to two males that threatened the group some years ago through EVP. Again, whilst we note threats, we will not stop working unless there is clear and present danger. We have no evidence that these voices are anything but pranksters and as such, they are not considered worthy of concern.

    EVP 2: Make 'em suffer - later

    EVP 3: As Hayley describes the formation of a young male face in transfiguration, a gentleman confirms that it is not the same person that she had previously seen.

    EVP 3: No it isn't

    EVP 4: A remarkable clip featuring two voices, the first is of an older gentleman the second indicates for him to be silent. It is not uncommon for us to capture voices passing comment that is not intended to be heard. Hayley is a gifted artist and in time will hopefully be able to provide graphic representations of those she sees in sittings. Sadly we are not able to identify either of the speakers or who Diana may be.

    EVP 4: Diana painted you - ssh

    EVP 5: Hayley is describing the face of a gentleman in transfiguration who has communicated many times with us; a male voice chips in that does not belong to the known communicator. Rachel had mentioned the name Richard shortly before this capture, unfortunately we have no comment by Richard to confirm his presence.

    EVP 5: Talking to Richard

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