seance september 2020

  • Joining Domenic online is always a pleasure, his enthusiasm always gives me motivation to crack on with research, even in these dark times. This session was to be exciting for many reasons. Not only did we capture some astonishly clear voices, I witnessed a ball of light move around in Domenic's room, when he popped out for a few minutes; sadly I wasn't quick enough to take a picture.

    EVP 1: Personally I wouldn't describe the recorders, or camera as being electrified but possibly the computers and lighting. Unless we consider of course that the speaker lived in an era when electrified would have been in common use as a reference to anything requiring an electrical charge to operate.

    EVP: down here - don't know what that one does but it's electrified

    EVP 2: Lighting in Domenic's room appears to be critical for the formation of faces. At the point of capture, Domenic was trying different positions for the lamp; the communicator is obviously aware that a certain level is needed to communicate.

    EVP: i need them like that

    EVP 3: I was using an SLR camera that up until this point was working fine, the instant I saw a clear face form on the screen I depressed the shutter but it refused to move. I shouldn't be surprised as technical equipment, especially the camera and camcorder, has often not worked as it should during experiments or seance sittings. Possibly the speakers comment suggests that they didn't want me to record a particular face.

    EVP: we didn't want that

    EVP 4: It's great to capture a female Scottish communicator, as this clearly rules out our voices being misinterpreted. And it's wonderful to know that those who are attempting to make themselves known to us are trying their best to provide a clear channel for communication.

    EVP: we want it good

    EVP 5: I was recalling an investigation by SPR members Tony Cornell and Maurice Gross, when Tony's name just left me. I don't think it sounds like his voice but it's interesting to hear that the speaker knew who I was referring to.

    EVP: tony

    Continuing on from our last session, we tried encouraging visual communication in conjunction with the audio recording. Whilst we have some positive results, we both feel that a greater level of development is possible with time and further practice.

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