Field Investigations

  • St Fagans

    National Museum of History

    Cardiff, South Wales

    St Fagans Castle is a fine Elizabethan manor house begun by Dr John Gibbon in 1580, built on the grounds of the 13th century castle, of which the fortifications are still visible. It has had many owners but the interior of the castle you see today, was fashioned by Lord Robert Windsor, the Earl of Plymouth, who lived at the castle until the early part of the 20th century with his family.

    Recording on a cold wet day had its benefits, namely a lack of visitors and a fine building almost to ourselves. On arrival we were met by a very helpful custodian who provided us with a background on the castle and a brief account of its haunted history. We were careful not to record when other guests were in the area; thankfully all of the voices you can hear on this page demonstrate that EVP voices are frequently dissimilar to our own and their pitch, speed and countenance is quite distinctive from our own.

    The clips below are from St Fagans Castle and are featured in the video along with EVP from many more of the historic buildings. We would thoroughly recommend visiting the museum, it is facinating and brimming with history.

    EVP 1: Standing in the Butler's Pantry, Rachel and Tracey are looking at the various implements in the room and discussing what the duties of the butler might have been; it is a very small room and there were no men in this section of the house.

    EVP 1: In charge of the money

    EVP 2: The custodian of the Castle had been telling us about two gentleman who were working one evening and heard a voice singing in a room. When they approached the door and put the key in the lock, the singing continued but the very second one of the men grasped the door handle, the voice immediately stopped. The singer was said to be a lady called Polly.

    EVP 2: Missed you Polly, we got to get out

    EVP 3: When Rachel asked the custodian if he had ever witnessed any ghostly activity in the house himself, he laughed and said he been alone in the house for many years at all hours and had never seen anything. It appears a spirit of Sain Ffagans might be ready to change that.

    EVP 3: Game on

    EVP 4: Tracey and Rachel are standing in the Ladies Drawing Room where there are multiple musical instruments and a gramophone; they ask if it might be possible for anyone who may be with them to play one of the instruments or activate the gramophone. The very well spoken gentleman who replies is familiar to us.

    EVP 4: I say it was you

    EVP 5: Both Rachel and Tracey heard a noise in the middle of the Ladies Drawing Room but it was not a voice, more a dry rustling noise. We can only assume those speaking are able to hear Rachel's voice; sadly she was not able to hear their direction or would gladly have communicated.

    EVP 5: Who is that? - it's that woman - hello - all go to her - slow

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