St Fagans National Museum of History

Cardiff, Wales

St Fagans Castle is a fine Elizabethan manor house begun by Dr John Gibbon in 1580, built on the grounds of the 13th century castle, of which the fortifications are still visible. It has had many owners but the interior of the castle you see today, was fashioned by Lord Robert Windsor, the Earl of Plymouth, who lived at the castle until the early part of the 20th century with his family.

Recording on a cold wet day had its benefits, namely a lack of visitors and a fine building almost to ourselves. On arrival we were met by a very helpful custodian who provided us with a background on the castle and a brief account of its haunted history. We were careful not to record when other guests were in the area; thankfully all of the voices you can hear on this page demonstrate that EVP voices are frequently dissimilar to our own and their pitch, speed and countenance is quite distinctive from our own.