• A report of the relationship between physical phenomena and Electronic Voice Phenomena reported in séances with a physical circle from 2008 to 2013

    The following report documents the spontaneous recording of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) in an experimental physical séance circle. It is not offered as scientific study but a personal attempt to investigate and understand the nature of the voices. By its nature it is a subjective report and the academic reader will undoubtedly find the analysis and conclusion ambiguous. I make no apologies as I have no firm hypothesis to convince you of.

    The study evolved out of personal curiosity; the source of consistently occurring anomalous voices on recordings was not obvious. The EVP collected is notable because of the large volume of strikingly clear voices. The initial focus was to determine the source and validity of voices obtained on digital recorders during séances and to investigate their concurrence with sitter’s reports of visual phenomena. At the time of writing, it has not been possible to find a specific origin or a source of generation that would explain or replicate the phenomena.

    1: Introduction

    The Furzey Hill Physical Circle was formed in 2005 to determine for ourselves if objective physical séance phenomena are real. I expected that given the right conditions and controls, if it was genuine, then as a group we would witness materialisation in full red light. Months after formation, the group reported significant if not consistently similar, physical phenomena. From 2005 to 2008 members changed intermittently and the reported phenomena varied from sitting to sitting. Whilst very occasionally a partial materialisation was reported, more common phenomena such as fleeting lights and noises were reported with regularity.

    On 28th May 2008, a scheduled sitting night, I was gifted an Olympus VN2100 Voice Recorder. An hour before we were due to begin both group members cancelled their attendance. In these circumstances I continue to sit alone but for a shorter period than usual. My intention that evening was to use the recording to practice transferring data to the laptop. What I heard on playback of the test recording astounded me. The recording of 38 minutes has some of the clearest voices I have captured to date. The most startling are the voices of two elderly women; one has a distinctly upper class English accent (v1), the other has a regional London accent (v2). Expecting the recorded voices to be an isolated occurrence, I took the recorder into the next sitting. Not only were there multiple voices present, an elderly lady with a voice very similar to an EVP on the first recording could be heard (v3).

    Until 2008 I had relatively little knowledge of Electronic Voice Phenomena and had never recorded before. I was unaware that the voices captured were unusual in their character. Turning first to the internet in search of comparable EVP clips, I found most difficult to understand; those I had captured in contrast were remarkably clear. As the archive of clips grew, I was aware that the context of comments spoken by the voices was directly pertinent to reported visual phenomena and our behaviour in the séance room.

    Although excited and intrigued by the voices, some group members were unhappy with my decision to study the relationship between EVP and physical phenomena. Members who had reported rare phenomena in red light were very concerned that the study would de-focus the group from our original goal and development of physical phenomena would be detrimentally affected. We agreed to a fixed study period of August 2009 to March 2010, after which we would return the focus of sittings to physical phenomena. The sittings within the study period were used specifically to look at the relationship between observed phenomena and EVP. Sittings outside of the study period have been discussed if significant.

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