• 5: The Interpretation of EVP

    Listening to direct speech verses recorded speech of the living may sound very different, especially if their accent and tone of voice are unfamiliar to you. EVP in recordings are no different and if you add to that the possibility of an unnatural rhythm and speed it becomes a challenge to understand even a basic sentence. Learned familiarity with group member’s voices is good practice in deciphering language and diction. I prefer not to artificially modulate isolated EVP, so it is necessary to learn the patterns of stress, pitch and inflection before attempting to interpret the message. When broken in to syllables, nearly all clips, of all grades can be understood; the process does become easier with practice. I liken the listening process as similar to learning a new language. There are examples of very clear but meaningless EVP, these are excellent in training your ear for analysis but purposeless in their content (v6).

    Each member’s vocal characteristics have a markedly different regional accent. This makes isolating potential EVP straight forward, for most of the time. Voices captured in our recordings are unlike most you will hear on the internet. They can be clear, well intonated and characterful. We are able to tell the sex of the speaker, nationality, regionality and for many clips, estimate their age. In my solitary recording sessions, such as when I prepare the room for a sitting, it is obviously much easier to define voices other than my own.

    EVP comments can be seemingly random, nonsensical and grammatically incorrect. Single words are often spoken in isolation and it is rare that we capture more than a short sentence. Foreign clips are captured infrequently; those that could be interpreted have not held any meaning to the group. Without doubt the most puzzling EVP are those of member’s voices, speaking phrases and sentences that we are certain, were not spoken by us. This type of EVP is nearly always clear, although characteristically incorrect in comparison to their normal vocal profile and use of language (v7). We discussed in the circle how our voices could be manipulated, we were surprised to hear the reply “Then I change the waves” (v8). EVP comments hint that existing sound waves in the environment are morphed to convey the message of the sender. This would support the use of white noise; however this has not been required for us to obtain excellent results.


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