• 7: Direct Responses and Comments

    The first recording took place in May 2008; by December 2008 EVP clips with direct relevance to the circle were building. A direct response or comment I consider to be a voice other than ours that answers a question, makes a remark concerning the action of a group member, or a valid observation of something taking place within the room. I was keen to understand how much awareness the EVP senders had of our environment.

    One reason for studying direct responses and comments was to rule out radio wave transmission as a source of EVP. When using a radio as a provider of white noise at various points on the following wavebands LW/SW/MW/FM, I was not able to obtain a response as in EVP recordings. Another way to check radio wave transmissions as a source was to vary the time and day of recording. This was not possible in the study, but many recordings since have been successful. Another reason to dismiss radio broadcast is the same voice recorded in different geographic locations, as I have done on numerous occasions with no white noise.

    I have provided the transcripts of three clips that I think illustrate well the communicator’s ability to both hear and see what is happening in the séance room. I would encourage the reader to listen to the clips online; the full web URLs are provided in the reference section.

    Clip 1. My voice “Down there”, EVP “Big flash”, A circle members says “I saw a big white flash” (v9).

    Clip 2. A circle members says “Great big flash on your head”, EVP “That bastard saw me!” (v10).

    Clip 3. My voice “There’s a group of chaps and all standing there talking”, EVP “Is anybody saying they think of us?” (v11).


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