Field Investigations

  • The Garden Shed

    Gloucestershire, England

    Rachel: The idea of doing a recording in my garden shed was to illustrate that EVP can be captured anywhere, not just in historic buildings and sites. I live in a rural area and the shed is very well insulated and lined with aluminum sheets, it makes for a good place to do an experiment. It was twilight when I recorded and the only obvious noises outside at the time were a couple of wild pigs rooting behind the fence.

    EVP 1: It is always exciting to hear your name when you know you were the only physical person in the room for the recording. Sadly we do not recognise the speaker and have not captured a similar voice in this location.

    EVP 1: Rachel

    EVP 2: Rachel was struggling with a fiddly bit of metal in the shed and was getting frustrated at her clumsiness. The voice is definitely in response to Rachel's comments, maybe they helped set up the equipment.

    EVP 2: Have we?

    EVP 3: Tracey had mentioned on her previous visit that she would like to visit an ancient site to record, England is blessed with many and nearly all have free open access. Rachel was asking for advice on which loation would be suitable. The speaker of this clip sounds as if he has a soft Scottish accent.

    EVP 3: Very good

    EVP 4: This is a curious clip; Rachel was talking about receiving information that is sensitive and what may happen if this information was disclosed to a wider public on social media. The speaker although not physical is obviously aware that their contributions to research may well have legal ramifications.

    EVP 4: Police

    EVP 5: Professor Stephen Hawking had died only a few days before this clip was captured. Rachel is interested in cosmology and has a number of his books and wondered if he had made the transition to another state of being, and what his reaction might be on continuing to exist. Of course we have no way of knowing who this speaker is but it is interesting that such a strong response was captured, however short.

    EVP 5: Yes

  • Forest Witchery

    EVP research is only one of Rachel's passions; the shed is a busy place where she designs and manufactures unique embroidered bags and gorgeous bunting.