Tintern Abbey

Tintern, Monmouthshire, Wales

Despite the shell of this grand structure being open to the skies, it remains the best preserved medieval abbey in Wales. The abbey church was rebuilt under the patronage of Roger Bigod, lord of nearby Chepstow Castle, in the late 13th century but the monastery retains its original design. Tintern was only the second Cistercian foundation in Britain, and the first in Wales. The present-day remains are a mixture of building works covering a 400-year period between 1131 and 1536.

Our visit to Tintern Abbey was on a sunny, still April day. Thankfully there had been few visitors and we lingered at the end of the day to record. There is a road that runs quite close to the site but road noise is not evident at any point of the recording. The EVP voices captured are at times as loud as our own, possibly because the recorder was placed on a wall rather than being held.