• unscheduled recordings 03-2021

    It had been a calm sunny day, with no previous storms, so I didn't expect the power cut at around 10.30pm. Looking out of the window, the whole village was out. The first thing that sprang into my mind was to put the recorder on, a lack of light is always a good thing in my experience for EVP capture.

    The first EVP was captured when I was near the dictaphone, the remaining clips were captured after I had put the recorder down and left the room in which it was placed. It was a perfectly quiet night, I heard no voices whilst I was outside or inside the house and no music or radio was playing at the time of the recording.

    EVP 1. The first voice is captured shortly after putting the recorder on, you can hear my voice after the gentleman's, I was moaning about the power going off. I had been playing the piano the night before at the same time, but not this evening.

    play the piano

    EVP 2. The only lady I know whose name is Myra, is our local landlady at the pub. I live in a small rural village, where locals have a very distinctive accent, neither of the speakers are reminiscent of native Forresters.

    Voice 1: Myra

    Voice 2: tonight

    EVP 3. Myra and Lyra? They're rather unusual names and I'm pretty sure that I've never heard the name Lyra before. Lyra means harp, an instrument that I have and play often. I'm not dieting though, so I doubt the speaker was referring to me. It's a very clear, but difficult recording to reference.

    Voice 1: that's lyra, her sister

    voice 2: dieting

    EVP 4. Judging by the conversation I recorded, the speakers who must have been in pitch darkness, along with the dictaphone, couldn't see anything. Maybe that's why their voices are so clear. Had I been there with a light, I would guess their volume would be considerably less. I wonder if they didn't know, that they were being recorded as it's very rare for me to pick up such a lengthy EVP.

    voice 1: are you there?

    voice 2: ...I can't see that

    Voice 3: I can't see nothing

    voice 2: oh right

    EVP 5 It's been a very long time since I recorded a nonsense EVP such as this. Whilst the last 5 words sound similar to my voice, the beginning of the phrase doesn't. It's pointless trying to find a meaning to fit what was said, but it is an excellent example of a rare type of EVP phenomena.

    they're going for the ink spot when you want something naughty didn't it

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