around the kitchen table

  • unscheduled recordings 04-2021

    A friend called around to discuss work I'm having done on the house, and as is often the case, the conversation turned to metaphysics, my EVP recordings, methodologies and results. He has an interest in the subject and has personally experienced phenomena, but had never recorded for EVP.

    We decided to do a test recording for short period of around 20 minutes, whilst sitting at the kitchen table. There was no ritual, opening or closing prayer and we chatted casually whilst drinking coffee.

    EVP 1. As my friend asks that communicators present themselves, he receives a reply. I'm not sure if this is an ironic comment or a statement of fact, knowing our communicators it's more likely to be the former.

    we are their servant

    EVP 2. I often ask friends, if they could, who would they most like to hear from. The reply is obvious and matter of fact. It's exceptionally rare to record the voices of those we've known in life or who are well known.

    they are really dead though

    EVP 3. During seances, there is often the sense of a queue of people waiting to come forward, who stand on my left side. As I sat at the kitchen table, the familiar sensation returned.

    i walk to you

    EVP 4. We're rarely asked for help, and whilst I will always say a prayer for any communicator that asks, it's impossible to know if that's what they wanted. The tone of this speaker is almost mechanical and very different from the others captured during the session.

    can you help me

    Last Sitting