a tarot reading with lady farrah

  • unscheduled recordings 09-2021

    As well as being a talented tarot card reader, Farrah is also gifted with clairaudience and is a passionate historian with a love of all things Tudor! She very kindly offered to give me a reading, which I have to say was uncannily accurate in every way and this wasn't something I expected. As with all esoteric adventures, our session was recording in the hope that we may pick up the voices of those around us.

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    EVP 1. Farrah was talking about Henry VIII's wife being in Westminster Abbey and a gentleman's voice breaks through calling my nickname. The tone of his voice is quite unusual and is unfamiliar.


    EVP 2. Why Henry would be interested in a Tarot reading I'm not sure but this gentleman's voice has been captured many times, when he has been called for.

    Get Harry

    EVP 3. I had told Farrah of the time I visited the bedchamber of Queen Jane Seymour, who died shortly after giving birth to Henry's only son, Edward VI. I was dismayed to see it as an office and the lady who joins with us, clearly shares our sentiment.

    Quite right

    EVP 4. The Tarot card depicting the Fool, is Farrah's favorite card in the deck. The gentleman who speaks wants it moved, but to what position I wonder and why?

    move the fool

    EVP 4. In this clip, Farrah says that she gets the communicator and asks them to convey their message. What is said in response is purplexing, although clear.

    two are running - i lost you

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