new equipment testing

  • unscheduled recordings: 01-2022

    Tracey had bought a new laptop and whilst I was installing a fresh operating system, she suggested putting on the recorder for a short test. We were both busy doing different things in the room but none of the background noise appears to cover either the communicators voices, or our own. In just under 6 minutes of reccording time, over 20 EVP were captured. This demonstrates that you really do not need to sit in silence or have seance conditions to be successful.

    EVP 1. When you hear clear voices such as these, initially we assume them to be ours. However when the tone is so much lower, they clearly aren't. The reference to the recorder being on perfectly highlights the sentient nature of the speaker, although how he percieves the device is unknown.

    'cos the recorder's on

    EVP 2. Well if there's one thing Tracey and I know, it's that this is something neither of us would ever say. It's interesting that the three men's voices have a distinct accent from the South East of England.

    I will die

    that's my demon


    EVP 3. Whilst this is a phrase that we might possibly say at another time, neither of us had been talking about eating pizza. Although we both love Italian, I was cooking a roast at the time. Maybe the communicator was making an observation of another evening's dinner.

    eats pizza

    EVP 4. It's been years since we've captured the voice and name of Barry McCloggy. He first spoke to us at the Furzey Hill Circle in 2009 and infrequently since, but this was the only time since moving house in 2014.


    EVP 4. This is a voice that we've captured many times, yet aren't able to put a name to. His utterances are always short, low and the pitch is unique. It may be hard to appreciate how we recognise the speakers, but after 14 years of continual recording, their voices become almost instantly recognisable. Even when the clips are as short as this.

    the girls

    Last Sitting