We are not alone

  • If we accept that we are being visited by aliens, should we assume that it's safe to talk to them? Culturally humans have a denfensive attitude to anything we don't understand or can't control but the power in this relationship may not be ours to dictate.

    Along with other groups, we decided to investigate the possibility of receiving communication in any way that was possible because we reasoned, we pose no threat and have nothing to loose. Whatever results we may or may not receive we expect to be subject to intense scrutiny and criticism. Should we receive any communication of note, it will be posted here.

    Whilst we have not received EVP from extraterrestrial visitors, we have witnessed various light forms in the seance room when discussing their presence. Of course how they understand us and we them is not understood, we assume that communication is non-verbal but that doesn't mean we don't hope to capture a message.

    The clearest EVP relating to our visitors is below, this was recorded during a seance when there appeared to be a very unusual transfiguration over Rachel.

    An Alien see even colour