Castell Llantilio

Abergavenny, Monmouthshire, Wales

Built in the wake of the Norman invasion of England, Castell Llantilio or White Castle got its name from the coat of white render that once covered its outer walls. The castle survived through turbulent ownership until the 13th Century when it was almost completely rebuilt and used as a military stronghold. By the 15th Century it was disused and by the 16th Century it was said to be in a ruined and decayed condition.

Rachel was exceedingly lucky to have the whole castle to herself for the recording session. The only source of sound contamination was from bleating lambs and noisy squawking bird colonies around the moat. It was a chilly, damp and still day with a breeze only passing over high treetops, this thankfully kept wind noise to a minimum. The recording time was just under 30 minutes and in all 12 EVP voices were isolated, over half were class A.