Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence

The recordings featured on this site are extraordinary. Through many years of investigation, a paradigm is slowly forming of another dimension where those who communicate exist. Together we are glimpsing what lies just outside of our perceived reality. And the evidence is extraordinary

Rachel Browning

I built this site to share the remarkable EVP recordings, personally captured since 2008. My interest in EVP and physical phenomena began in the early 1980s, but it wasn't until a chance recording in our seance room, that recordings began in ernest. Since 2005 physical phenomena evolved into transfiguration, corroborated with evidential EVP commentary. I have presented to a wide audience, including academic and paranormal conferences, churches and private groups.

Gina Phillips

Gina first joined the group for a recording at Hampton Court Palace in 2017. Being naturally logical and analytical, she makes a welcome addition to our team, as she approaches the work we do in a scientific manner. She is artistically gifted with a beautiful voice and has a passion for musical theatre, having acheived a high level of vocal training and qualification.


EVP Voices is privately funded, no income is generated from recordings, videos or private demonstrations of voice capture. All activities are done to further reserch into the phenomena. Should you wish to feature our recordings, EVP clips, or embed videos, please request permission before posting them online. Thank you.