EVP The best available evidence for the survival of human consciousness

I was delighted for my submission to the BICS contest, to be accepted back in February 2021. When the competition was announced I had no idea of what lay ahead; shortly after being notified I was diagnosed with a extremely rare brain tumour. It was a challenging period but I'm glad to say, surgery was successful and in early 2022 I returned to regular recording sessions.

I'd like to offer my sincere congratulations not only to the winners, but to every one who entered. To research post mortem communication takes a huge amount of time and dedication, most often with little recognition. I sincerely hope that those who took part will engage in collaboration to bring a broader understanding for those who seek the truth.

You can read my submission below, or you're welcome to DOWNLOAD it. Full published essays will be on the BICS website.

evp reference index recordings

Clip 1
Debbie describing the sudden appearance of anomalous light in the room.

Tracey: Still, you've got several faces coming through there.
Voice: We're not impressed with that.
Tracey: Sorry Leslie but I don't...

Voice: I like to let 'em have doubts.

Rachel: The minute you talk about that, I can hear Eva very clearly.
Tracey: What's that about the light?
Rachel: Yeah.
Voice: It needs to be dark. (amplified)
Rachel: Very, very clear. Can we have some confirmation please that it needs to be dark outside, for this to work successfully?

Rachel: Feel someone on my left, I heard...
Voice: You haven't said how you're sitting.
Rachel: A male energy.

Tracey: Feel that energy going.
Voice: They're getting something Christ's made out of it.
Rachel: It's gone behind me.

Tracey: An energy on the top of my head.
Voice: Blow me.

Voice: Oh my God, it feels like you touched me then.

Rachel: Turn that down yet again, because it seems to be getting louder
Voice: We are watching.

Voice 1: They wouldn't want to shoot me.
Voice 2: I'll take the spy.
Voice 3: We don't want them having the chip.

EVP 10
Rachel: Absolutely beautiful inscriptions.
Voice 1: Thank you.
Voice 2: I've written in the book.

EVP 11
Voice: It's getting us loud.

Rachel: ...I don't know in all honesty.

EVP 12
Rachel: What is going on with my brain, it's just doing that blackboard thing again.
Voice 1: They got it wrong, they were out.
Voice 2: Don't talk.

EVP 13
Voice Olympus LS10: I think you might have to come back here again.

Rachel: Some sort of noise, I don't know where it's coming from.

EVP 14
Voice Olympus VN2100: I think you might have to come back here again.

Rachel: Some sort of noise, I don't know where it's coming from.
Tracey: Nearby.

EVP 15
EVP class A example
Voice1: Turn the bloody light off.
Rachel: Why do we need the lights off folks? We haven't had a dark sitting for the best part of, aw, it's got to be at least 5 or 6 years.
Voice: When we recorded Valice's face.

EVP 16
EVP class B example
Rachel: Imagine you're doing a police photo fit...
Voice 1: Diana painted you.
Voice 2: Ssh.
Rachel: I'll tell you, if you want to bring your pad in here and a pen, they'd love it.

EVP 17
EVP class C example
Voice1: I'll have to burn her.
Rachel: there's someone in here with us.

EVP 18
Noise: N example

Rachel: ...National Encylopaedia.
Tracey: (laughs) Google.
Rachel: Yeah.
Noise 2: Whistle.
Rachel: Is that you whistling?
Tracey: No. I can't whistle.

EVP 19
Rachel: What d'you see then, down there?
Voice: Big flash.
Tracey: I saw a big white flash.

EVP 20
Voice: Is that for you dear?

EVP 21
Voice: Please let's see there!

EVP 22
Tracey: Is it easier for you when we're talking, to pick up on the energy, that way somehow?
Voice: Then I change the waves.

EVP 23
Voice 1: Are they Joking her, we'll bring the luck to her.
Voice 2: Thank you.

EVP 24
Voice: Look Mary there's ma hoose!

EVP 25
Voice: Careful Helen they're out of the way.

Guest sitter: Helen, would you like to come forward?

EVP 26
Voice: Sarah bless you.

EVP 27
Tracey: Can you tell us your name?
Voice: Charlie.

EVP 28
Noise heard in the room.

Tracey: What on earth's that noise?
Voice: I'm Charlie.

EVP 29
Voice: 'Ello flights just gone out.

EVP 30
Tracey: This one's losing energy.
Voice: Darren.

EVP 31
Voice: ...his face were like King Kong weren't it, they were taking turns.

Rachel: Is that better?
Tracey: Yeah, it's fantastic.

EVP 32
Voice: You're going away to Harvard hoo ha ha ha!

EVP 33
Voice: It's the Holy Grail with your shoes off.

EVP 34
Voice: Erav sanka Kompf.

EVP 35
Voice: Salaam ma.

EVP 36
Rachel: It's just looks a really comfy room doesn't it.
Gina: Um.
Voice: It's Raleigh.

EVP 37
Rachel: Leslie, I can see Leslie. Hello Leslie.
Voice: But I can't hear you.
Rachel: He's trying to tell me something, n' I can't hear him.

EVP 38
Tracey: Is Blackfoot there?
Voice: Oh you can't see her.

EVP 39
Tracey: Got a lady coming through as well there. Is that Ivy?
Voice: Oh she's feeling tired.
Tracey: This is so weird, literally your features just completely disappear when this happens.

EVP 40
Rachel: If you say you saw a black flash, that sounds a bit bizzare doesn't it? But it was like...
Tracey: Okay.
Rachel: It was like a flash but black, instead of a white flash it was black.
Tracey: Okay.
Voice: Lucifer.

EVP 41
Rachel: D'you know if I'm anywhere near right or wrong on that one?
Voice: Pray to your God.

EVP 42
Voice: God is with her.

EVP 43
Rachel: And we ask for your protection, Amen.
Voice: Amen.

EVP 44
Rachel: Got to wipe my eyes sorry, feel like I was being poked in the eye then.
Voice 1: So she has gone.
Voice 2: get out of the way.

EVP 45
Rachel: Aww oh oh.
Voice: Pull the trigger now.
Noise of a gun being cocked.

EVP 46
Voice: Confess her Sarah.

EVP 47
Voice: You've got to listen carefully, we are dead.

EVP 48
Rachel: I am the only person in here at the moment.
Voice: The dead ones are coming to arrive.

EVP 49
Voice: Did it really happen to me since I'm dead?

EVP 50
Debbie: ...to my right, just behind you.
Rachel: And I heard it to my left, so that, that would be right.
Debbie: Yeah.
Voice: Remember me.

EVP 51
Rachel: Someone's going on about Randall, and it sounds like...
Voice: I was Mickey Randall.

EVP 52
Voice: I was Dale Armson.

EVP 53
Voice 1: You slip under, that's how I feel.
Voice 2: Suicide.

EVP 54
Voice: Who checks up if you're dead?

EVP 55
Rachel: There's a group of chaps and they're all standing round talking...
Voice: Is anybody saying they think of us?

EVP 56
Voice: I killed Billy.

EVP 57
Rachel: Did Marcello Bacci have one?
Voice 1: Konstantins does.
Voice 2: Someone at odds trying to Confirm.

EVP 58
Voice: I was in the light.

EVP 59
Voice 1: I have the name of a boat ship.
Voice 2: A war ship.
Voice 3: Will you sail it here?