EVP Recording Archive

  • 21st Century Seance

    2005 - 2018

    Our archive contains thousands of EVPs and choosing a small amount with which to give you a flavour of our recordings was very difficult. This set of clips were chosen because they represent not only the ability for us to capture clear, unambiguous voices but also because the communicators wanted to take an active part in the seance.

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  • Hampton Court Palace

    2014 - 2018

    There are few places in England as evocative of the Tudor era as Hampton Court Palace. The magnificent iconic edifice we all love was Henry VIII's London home and residence to all of his wives. By day it is filled with tourists from all over world but by night, when the guests leave and the Warders lock the gates, the palace becomes alive again but this time it is not the living that fill the courts and cloisters. You may not see the ghosts of residents past on your visit but if you are lucky enough to walk the cobbles after dusk, you can expect to experience the eerie feeling that you are never quite alone.

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