seance august 2021

  • Due to a necessary break in recording, this session wasn't overly productive for EVP and we were tinkering with Muse devices which distracted us somewhat. Having recorded sittings now for many years, it doesn't take long to get back in the swing but the first few sessions are always a challenge to get our minds to tune in again.

    I'm delighted to say that plans are afoot for a new dedicated seance room. It's been seven long years since I left the cottage where our group was formed, and I've missed the atmosphere dreadfully. I firmly believe that going back to regular red light sittings, will help develop our communication even further along. We've been incredibly lucky to get to where we are and are all looking forward to what may be waiting for us.

    The word rainbow has multiple meanings to us as a group, and to me personally. The gentleman's voice would lead me to believe this is Mr Rainbow, and it's certainly good to hear his voice again.

    brought the rainbow

    We ask for advice frequently but rarely receive a direct reply. This time it sounds like a communicator is telling someone other than us to leave, who we don't know.

    go now

    Pat was my mother and has rarely been mentioned in recordings, I've never captured her voice. I'm not surprised that she's mentioned though, as it's been a demanding few months and I know she would be interested in what I've been doing.

    i landed pat

    Whilst I'm fiddling with the headset, a gentleman speaks. It's nice to hear a supportive voice, after receiving numerous comments of threatened violence.

    oh no we don't want to harm her

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