field Locations

  • Our guiding rule is to show respect to our hosts and whomever we think might be present, wherever they are. Under no circumstances do we consider it acceptable to be anything other than polite and in our experience, any other behavior is detrimental to communication via EVP. We broadly use a similar mindset to siting in a seance but unlike a seance, we have the ability to be familiar with the history of those who may come forward to speak to us. Having even a scant knowledge of a location demonstrates your sincerity and interest in communicating with those who lived there, arriving blind wastes time and energy on both sides.

    We have proved that it is unnecessary to have anything more than a simple recording device to achieve good results. Apart from our good intention, we value concentration. Our recording sessions are quite short and rarely more than thirty minutes in one area, this permits us to focus without fatigue. By keeping the technological side of the investigation simple, it is easier to achieve a consistent approach between areas in a location and it also makes for easier reviewing.

    Without a doubt the most critical thing of consideration when arranging a site recording, is the presence of visitors or staff. If at all possible, we prefer to stay at a location and record out of hours. If it is unrealistic to reside in or access a location alone, we attend at unsocial hours and are very careful to be distant from the living. We consider field investigations to require prompt review, if there are any interruptions on site, these are more easily remembered and discounted if fresh in our memory.

    Our investigations take place at sites and buildings that are open to the public and privately owned. Our studies, EVP recordings and videos are not endorsed by the owner(s) of the recording location unless specifically stated.