Hampton Court Palace

East Molesey, Greater London, England

The undertaking of an EVP study at Hampton Court Palace was a colossal undertaking, in organisation, time and cost. Nobody had done anything like it before and we doubt, will have the opportunity to replicate in the future. We will be eternally grateful to all of the staff of the palace and The Landmark Trust, who managed Fish Court and currently The Georgian House, without them we would not have been able to carry out recordings when the palace was closed to the public.

Staying in the palace is a spine tingling, magical experience. From the time you arrive, the history of the Tudors becomes alive, in a way quite unlike any other location. It was no surprise on our first visit that we captured many clear voices and we were so impressed that the study extended for a further four years. There are so many places that we wanted to record in, despite years of work, many locations never had more than a fleeting visit.

During our first stay, we resided in Fish Court which sits at the heart of the kitchen area and overlooks Master Carpenter's Court. Opening the window each morning and looking at a view that hadn't changed for over 500 years leaves an indelible mark on your emotions, it would have been hard not to fall in love with the palace and want to return.

Over the years that we stayed in The Georgian House, much has changed in the palace. The informality and relaxed air shifted to a more business like environment, with a program of considerable renovation and conservation taking place. Understandably this must take place to ensure the continued upkeep of one of our most precious historical sites.

Having recorded in nearly all of the key locations within the Tudor Palace, it is safe to say that at least for EVP, its ability to provide outstanding evidence is in our experience unparalleled. Whether its the fabric of the building or those who choose to remain within its walls, the palace truly does seem to come alive when the public leave and the gates are closed.